Our founders wear work boot, bottom line we know the industry inside and out and have the expertise to transform your companies safety culture from day 1. With over 15 years of field experience, 10+ in management, our team consists of experts in this field. Our Team has managed a wide range of construction projects across Canada with many of the country’s largest contractors.

Through this front-line experience, it became clear that safety compliance is now a top priority. Corfix was designed to help businesses take their safety compliance program to the next level. We understand what it takes to run a profitable company while staying safety compliant. We’ve designed a mobile application that allows you to do just that.

CORFix allows management and employees to check in online daily through our mobile App to complete their required Safety Forms and more. Our dashboard features within the App allow managers to view everyone’s status ensuring daily compliance while eliminating paper and creating an electronic library.

Each and every form that is completed within our App is instantly stored and categorized by either date or alphabetically for easy retrieval down the road.

Say goodbye to boxes filled with signed forms cluttering up offices, the archive feature is essential as it eliminates paper forms and simplifies any report or audit required at any time. Transparency allows approved management to check in anytime, on any given job site’s safety & compliance status or for specific employees status as well.