Features and benefits of CORFix

Feature-rich application designed to make compliance record-keeping a breeze


Our mobile application was built to solve your company’s safety documentation nightmares. Administrative dashboards allow for electronic documents to be created and shared remotely within your organization. Instantly review, sign, save and share those documents from anywhere.

Cross platform

From desktop to tablet or mobile device. Our platform is built for every stage of your safety compliance needs. View reports at home, or in the office on the big screen. Send out company policies from your truck and empower the field worker with personalized mobile access.

Project specific

See as many or as few projects as required. Dig deeper into specific job site information like contacts, location, and active workers. Attach documents, forms, pictures, and more. Know where to find the information you’re looking for. Faster.

Custom form builder

Create your own custom e-documents with our built-in form builder. Save them as templates and distribute them to your supervisors for field signatures. Create a form for single use or re-use it every day. Edit old forms or start from scratch. Start building your company’s form library now.


Our goal was to build a multi-tool application that would benefit the user in a multitude of ways.

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100% Bilingual

CORFix was written in English and French.

Reduce administrative cost

Eliminate lost time spent chasing paperwork. All forms are now automatically sent back to administrative accounts and archives. No more pictures, scanning and filing.


Going paperless saves time, money and space. Using electronic documents will speed up your processes.

Track employee certification

Admin accounts will be able to track company-wide certifications and expiry.


Enhance your company’s efficency. Quickly locate and share all of the information that you need.


Instantaneously send/receive electronic documents within your organization, creating an open line of communication between management and field employees.

End the frustration. Be among the first to simplify COR compliance.