Safe and compliant
job sites run CORFix.

CORFix is an innovative mobile and desktop application, designed BY the construction industry FOR the construction industry. CORFix builds, manages and stores all safety compliance program data for each and every employee— all at your fingertips.

Real time office to field transparency

Manage multiple work sites at once using interactive dashboards. Know when your employees are filling out their forms and when they aren't.

Paperless documentation

Paperless documents gives you access anytime, anyplace. Automate your manual process and ensure company-wide safety compliance.

GPS and time stamped e-signatures

Know where and when your employees are signing their documents.

Cloud storage

Signed forms are instantly archived. Search, print, share any archived form at any time.

Keeping you safe from COVID-19

CORFix can make your job site paperless. Capture all of your required daily documentation from each employee, without sharing a single pen or physical piece of paper.

CORFix can help you and your company’s employees maintain proper physical distancing with ease, allowing for a safer and healthier environment for everyone involved.

E Docs

Convert your company’s existing paper documents into a digital version. Review and sign documents faster than ever with forms tailored to specific job sites and workers. Never lose a form again.

My Worker Dashboard

Through a personalized user dashboard, workers will have access to important information and tasks pertaining to their specific work site. They'll be able to view and sign electronic documents, manage certifications, and more.

My Supervisor Dashboard

Give your supervisors and safety reps more permissions than the worker. Easily populate office approved templates and distribute them for signatures from the touch of your phone.

Discover the benefits of CORFix


The most efficient way to create, deliver, and manage your workplace health and safety program.


Our software was designed around getting you to work faster. Everything you need is right in front of you.


Collaborative dashboards allow for transparency between management and employees.

End the frustration. Be among the first to simplify COR compliance.