Here’s What We’ve Done to Help Simplify Your Business

By creating a mobile App that can be used on both iOS and Android platforms, employees can login daily and complete the required daily safety forms before stepping foot onto the active job site. The site manager as well as the assigned Safety and Compliance officer receives notifications and status updates for each employee in regards to daily safety forms, active and necessary certifications, time in/time out tracking, onsite injury reports and more. As a result management is fully aware as to which employees have or have not completed the required safety forms for any specific day.

Each level of business has access to view the daily status of every individual worker through a dashboard feature. Once a safety form is populated and signed off on, an electronic copy is instantly archived and the appropriate managers receive a notification of the completed task.

  1. Easy To Use
  2. Instant Updates
  3. Fully Compliant Job Sites Company Wide

All paper trails and collection processes are eliminated avoiding countless hours of administration work for the Site Manager as well as the Safety & Compliance Manager and an instant archive is created to ensure responding to future audits is simple and seamless. From a business standpoint in the event of an accident each job site will be fully compliant to all safety standards.